Frequently Asked Questions

The Value of Real, User-Generated Content?

Real and Authentic customer reviews are an established method of building and maintaining trust in your brand. They are proven to attract convert and retain more customers than websites without them. Also, traditional marketing campaigns telling customers what to do are outdated. People want to connect to others just like them and will tend to trust real customers that have had real experiences with brands and their products.

This is why User-Generated content has become one of the fastest growing marketing tools. For brands, the future of marketing lies in using user-generated content to show authentic interactions and social sharing of real experiences. From these interactions will follow higher traffic, increased conversions, higher average transaction values and greater customer retention.

Why are Photo and Video reviews becoming so important?

Real people don't often have the time to sit and write essays … And what’s more, people even more rarely read them . But visual communication; both photographs and video clips are far more engaging for customers and can convey paragraphs of text in a single image. Much easier for people to relate to and interact with, than essays of text .

Allowing your customers to communicate how they want to and giving you control of the visual language of their communications is key to modern online brand management. Coca Cola recent had a success with an advertisement that consisted entirely of user generated clips. Real brands, real people, real experiences.

Why Choose Reziew rather than others?

With other review sites like Facebook, Google +, Tripadvisor, YELP, you don’t have moderation control and ownership of your own reviews and the value of bringing that user-generated content into your site, just how you’d like to.
It’s it much better to provide people with a platform to have conversations rather than them insisting on leaving your website, to talk about you on someone else's.

Competitors may try and have fake reviews of you posted to these sites and you have no way of making sure that they are coming from verified customers of yours. Another difference is that with Reziew, your reviews will add to you SEO and improve your native google ranking, driving more traffic to your brand. If your reviews belong to someone else, you are helping their sites rank higher with your content, instead of your own. So, when customers decide to give feedback and interact with you, it in an important event that should be treated with care and attention rather than left form someone else to look after for you.

Will Reziew Integrate with my website?

No matter what your e-commerce platform, Reziew can be simply integrated, whether is Magento/Prestashop or a custom platform. Just get in touch to discuss with us your needs.

To gain the most advantage from your reviews across your website, we have developed partnerships through which you can display five stars in Google, push reviews to Facebook and Twitter, share on Google +, and much more.

Can Reziew improve my Google SEO and Seller Ratings?

Google values fresh user-generated content on a website much more highly than stale webpages. Customer reviews can be read by google and as such, they will value your website more highly. This improvement to your Google or Bing native ranking has a significant impact on your SEO outcomes.

Reziew’s SEO features fresh and relevant keywords into your site’s content. Rich snippets let you put stars right beside your organic search result.

With Google Seller Ratings you can display your site review ratings alongside your google ads, this will increase your Click Through Rate by up to 18%.

And with Google Product Listing Ads you can display your product reviews on your ads and across google shopping, so your products really stand out from the competition.

Why Is Reziew’s Post-Purchase Email so important?

From our own data, Reziew’s customised post-purchase email, increases the rates of product review by more than 80%. This automated tool is invaluable and also distinguishes between real and authentic customers. The Reziew’s post-purchase email is tailored to your brand and you can also add upsells to increase the lifetime value of the customer.

Reziew’s inbuilt couponing system also allows you to reward your customer for sharing the valuable insights and experiences; information vital to product improvement, marketing, business insight and performance.

What about Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews are important but counterintuitive issue.. It is normal and expected to sometimes get bad reviews. But negative reviews are an opportunity to display authenticity to the world and are an opportunity to show how you react when you’re given opportunity. They are a chance to show your brand values and should be respected.

There are some people who will immediately seek them out. These people want to see if you’ve responded and how you’ve responded. If a brand can show it cares, responds, reacts in a customer focused way, they are far more likely to convert as a client. Also, negative reviews make positive reviews look real and authentic and are an opportunity to show superior customer service.

Verified and Real Reviews from real customers?

Real and authentic reviews are the vital to maintain the integrity of your brand. Customers can identify fake commentary surprisingly easily..

Reziew’s post purchase email makes sure reviews are from real customers of yours. Reviewers can also verify their identity by logging in using their Facebook, Google, or other verified online credentials. This verification of their online personality encourages fair usage.. If they do not verify their review through either of these means, they are considered an “Guest” reviewer, and are marked and valued as such

What do the stars mean?

When a customer reports that they have had a good experience with your product or service can rate it on a scale of five. This feedback signigficant impact on customer behaviour and purchase decisions. They can be posted to facebook and other social sites which boosts word-of-mouth marketing and creates brand ambassadors.

When google sees interaction on your website and a lower bounce rate, it rewards you with lower costs and to your paid ads.

From our own data, 96% of all purchases are made for products with an average rating of 4 stars and above. So, higher rated products get more purchases and more reviews, leading to more traffic, more sales, and more five star ratings because when a few people say something is good, everyone wants to know what they’re missing!.

What Platforms Does Reziew Work With?

Reziew can easily integrate with your eCommerce platform, and with API access Reziew works with virtually any platform you are on, eCommerce & non-eCommerce alike. We can integrate with any type or style of website and of course, all customised to your individual needs.

Can I Import My Existing Customer Reviews Into Reziew?

Yes, you can import reviews to Reziew! In order to do so, we ask that you send us the relevant reviews and product information and we will import your reviews for you. We have guidelines for how to do this, get in touch with us if you want more information.


Below is some technical documentation for the installation of Reziew to your site. It meant for coders and scripters, so don’t worry if you don’t understand this; that’s our job. Get in touch to find out more


What kind of data can I get from the API?
The API returns json data. Please refer to the documentation for additional details.
How do I use the REST API over JSON-P?
The REST API supports a callback parameter (named “callback”) all methods.