SEO Optimisation

Google, and other search engines, value fresh content on your website over stale webpages. Having user-generated reviews and conversations on your pages contributes keyword-rich content to google, which rates your website higher than your competitors. Having a higher native google search result increases traffic to your site and having engaging content on your site retains them there. This customer retention increases your conversion rates and drives sales. Google values websites with engaging content higher than stale webpages. If your site isn’t engaging, then customer will “bounce” off your website in search of another. This bounce rate is an important metric tracked by google to rate your website. When google knows your website is engaging, it improves the cost and performance of your paid-for online advertising, Google Ad-Word/Ad-Roll, as google understands your website is a quality one, and wants to drive traffic there.

Total Customisation

Personalize the post-review email with questions and fields to capture what you really want to know. Forms support all the standard controls including dynamic fields (list of products, list of last 12 months, …)

Your landing page is typically used in a marketing context. Basically it’s a page that is optimized for conversion (capture some data, close a sale, …). In our case a conversion is counted when the user leaves a review. Did you know that a well-designed landing page increases the response rate to follow-up emails up to 10 times. Reziew makes sure you capture the maximun client information.

Customer Conversations

Often, large brands don’t often talk with their customers. They talk to their customers using advertising and marketing. Real interactions with people who are passionate about your brand creates brand ambassadors shows that you value your customer’s opinions. If an issue arises, showing the world that you are listening and willing to act and interact generates goodwill and trust in your brand. But it doesn’t stop there… Allowing your customers to have conversations with eachother on your website brings a whole new depth to your organisation. If a new customer wants to ask a question about a product they are thinking of buying and receives a reply from a valued veteran. Groups of prospective customers discussing taking the plunge together? Sharing tips, experiences, photos, video clips, a wealth of content from your customers. Now just Imagine what you want to do with it .. Include it in advertising? Share it with your social media followers?

Custom Collection Email

80% of online reviews are posted after a follow-up email. Reziew reminds your clients to leave a review about your products by sending a custom designed post-purchase email. When people buy your service/product, the assume it is going to work as they expected. When the product works as expected they won’t spontaneously tell the world they are happy. However, when things don’t go as expected, they might take the time to write about their unfortunate experience. You definitely want them to report this directly to you, rather than reporting it to others on compoting websites.

With Reziew automated emailing solution, we make sure you collect a representative and accurate picture of what people think about your business. When the user is kindly asked to leave a feedback and it doesn’t take much of its time, he will do it.